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Pet Car Seat Hammock Cover - Grey


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Don’t you love riding in the car with your dog! But do they seem to leave the back of your vehicle trashed!? Our pet hammocks provide protection from fur, dirt, dander, dust, mud, water, & claw marks. The unique design provides protection for the rear of the front seats and floorboards, as well! Did I mention the flaps keep your pet from leaving a dirt trail on the sides of the seats as she gets in and out? Leave the mess behind & just enjoy the journey with the RoRo Pet Products hammock!

No pup wants to slide around the car when they travel with their dog parent! Seat anchors, adjustable straps, and a non-slip silicone backing ensure a secure fit. And your furry friend doesn’t have to ride alone! The cover has Velcro slots where you can secure in the baby’s car seat, seatbelt in a human passenger, or secure your dog with the FREE pet safety belt! Buy your RoRo Hammock today to see what the fuss is all about!

No more fiddling with a car cover! Our hammock is easy to install, use, & clean! Snap the buckle straps around your headrests, tuck in the seat anchors, & ride easy knowing your seats are protected & your dog is comfortable. If the hammock does get dirty, you can wipe down with your FREE pet hair brush included in your purchase or just toss into the washing machine for those tougher jobs. Machine wash on gentle cycle. Once the hammock is clean and dry, install and you’re ready to rock and roll!

What do you do with your hammock when your dog stays home? Leave it in the car! The hammock converts to a standard bench cover so passengers can join and your seats stay protected. The innovative design even allows one side to be up like a hammock and the other half to be like a bench cover thanks to our midline zipper! We don’t want you to lose your dog’s things either, so we added a pocket for easy storage. Stay clean and organized!

The RoRo hammock was designed with the customer in mind. We took our experiences with other seat covers & used both the positive and negative to develop a product that makes it easy to travel with your pet. We love feedback and are always willing to help (when possible). However, if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, let us know! If it’s something we can’t fix, we are happy to refund your money. The customers are the heart of our business and we want you traveling happy!

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