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The RoRo Story

Rosie, mascot for RoRo pet products and lover of her pet car hammock!

When I rescued Rosie I instantly learned of her love for the car. One may even call it an obsession. She would rather be riding in the back seat than doing just about anything else. I travel constantly in my car for work and I began to take Rosie on as many trips as possible. Although this was beneficial for both Rosie and me, it wasn’t so great for my tan leather seats. Other seat covers just never held up to my powerful, stubborn dog. Within a few car rides, the covers were normally in a small pile in the corner of the car with bite marks throughout, and my seats were filled with dirt, hair, and slobber. After every car ride with Rosie leading to a car wash, it lead me to the question of “Why can’t the seat covers do the one job they were given and protect my seats?”

After months of research and tweaking of design, the RoRo Back Seat Hammock was born. I tried to incorporate all the needs Rosie and I had into the design. My hope is that my experience of traveling with dogs translates to you having all of your back seat cover needs met.

When I founded RoRo Pet Products the goal was to ensure the customer was the heart of the business. The hammocks were created with YOU, the pet owner, in mind. The RoRo mission is to provide durable, high-quality products that ensure a fun and happy car ride for both you and your pet. Cheers to happy travels and wagging tails!

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